About Us

Our History

Established with the initiatives of Dr. Sezgin Tüzün in 1983, Veri Araştırma is a pioneering organization that has conducted unique researches and initiated many beginnings in the sector in the past 40 years. Veri Araştırma has successfully met and continues to meet the research and consultancy needs of many national and international brands / organizations.

Our Principles

Veri Araştırma unconditionally pays attention to adherence to the universal principles of the profession, to the basic rules defined by ESOMAR and ICC and to the protection of ethical values in conducting all kinds of research.

Veri Araştırma believes that each research should have an idiocratic model and sample plan.

Each research conducted by Veri Araştırma is “repeatable” with its model, sample plan and content. The repeatability of research is one of the most fundamental features of scientific research.

Veri Araştırma considers the objectivity as a prerequisite for the compilation of research information and the analysis and evaluation of the compiled information.

Veri Araştırma keeps the process of information compilation / survey application of its researches under constant control with its own staff and always adheres to the principle of confidentiality in personal information.